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Hamilton Sharks is proud to offer a water polo pathway which seeks to promote, develop and enhance the sport in the UAE.

Water polo is a high energy team water sport that requires stamina, endurance and advances swimming skills. Hamilton Sharks offers the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of water polo in a fun, supportive environment that emphasises skill development, teamwork and physical fitness. Our programmes are available to everyone with a strong swimming foundation and combines water safety and deep water development for youngsters starting out in Mini Polo, progressing into the main sport of Water Polo.


Swimmers can join Hamilton Sharks from age 6, but a strong swimming foundation is important, and a lot of the training will take place in deep water.

To get started with Hamilton Sharks, simply email us at waterpolo@hamiltonaquatics.ae and we will book a free trial session for you. This trial session allows us to assess the ability of your child and gives you a no obligation opportunity to meet our coaches and your potential teammates.

This is the very first step to become a champion. The programme is aimed to introduce water polo to new generations and give an opportunity in a non-competitive environment.

This stage is aimed at introducing the competitive side of water polo through coaching the key skills giving a lot of technical advice and feedback in a supportive and friendly team environment.

This stage increases attention on cardiovascular fitness required to support performance throughout a water polo game. The focus on strategy and tactics are increased as the competitive skills are built on. Land training is introduced to offer strength and conditioning that supports the aquatic skills.

This stage is aimed at honing the skills learned in earlier levels to increase competitiveness, as long as training the different energy systems that are required in the competitive environment. Land training will be increased to further support the aquatic training and injury prevention.

The focus of our adult water polo programme is about having a break from the routine of everyday life, having a chance to release some energy and some stress. Although recreational, a physical challenge and a chance for some friendly competition.


You can find below the fees for our learn to swim lessons this Term 1. This is applicable to our lessons starting from 14th February 2022 to 2nd July 2022 (20 weeks). Term prices are calculated on a pro-rata basis.

Programmes Lesson Duration Price Per Lesson (AED) Price Per Term (AED)
Mini polo 45 Mins 100 2000
11 and under 1 Hour 80
x2/week @ 3200
x4/week @ 3800
13 and under 1 Hour 30 Mins 80
x2/week @ 3200
x4/week @ 4800
17 and under 1 Hour 30 Mins 80
x2/week @ 3200
x4/week @ 4800


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